Inktober this year has been great! There has been so many awesome, talented artists participating and creating outstanding pieces. I'm happy to say I managed to create 31 pieces, all of which you can see on my Instagram, I did miss a few days due to a busy schedule but I always caught up. 

I think it shows in my photos, and probably everyone else's, that my inking improved a hell of a lot, which is exactly what Inktober is about, improving your skill. I can now say that I feel pretty confident with a brush pen, I obviously still have a lot to learn, I'd never properly used one before Inktober and I now feel excited about using one, I feel like I have a choice when it comes to line working my sketches, whether I want to go digital or traditional.

Although Inktober is over, I'll still be carrying on my Monster Marathon, due to my schedule over christmas, I don't think it will be daily as I said, but I don't feel bad about that. I'll still be drawing and posting monsters regularly and won't be punishing myself over it when I forget! Which is something I think a lot of artists are guilty of.

Work happy, and don't be so hard on yourself.

Here's the last of my favourites from my Inktober drawings.