Practice pays off.

It's fair to say I've been working a lot on developing my own unique style and process lately, I've been working hard at really getting into a professional headspace at in the home studio and I really feel like it's paying off. I've developed new systems to keep on top of my finances, new ways to keep on top of, but not get distracted by social media and of course, I've been going out to my way to contact my dream clients. 

The main thing I'm really feeling positive about at the minute though is that my style is really coming out now, and I love it! I think the main reason it feels so good is because I know I achieved this through years of hard work, and through purely having fun with what I create. Anything I create that's forced always feels like a let down when I've finished it, I don't feel happy about it because I can see there is no passion in it, but the main thing to take from that is the lessons learned, it sounds wrong, but it really is all about making mistakes and taking the positives.

I've just completed this viking character design, he started out as a little sketch in my sketchbook while I was on holiday in Turkey, I fell in love with him a little bit so thought I'd bring him to life with my digital tools and here he is! 

Rachel Alderson1 Comment