First Children's book! - The Alinick Chronicles.

After what has been about 4 months since I started working on it, I can now share with you the first children's book I have ever illustrated! 

There is going to be a series of these books, written by a talented author named Brian Day, which are about a young boy named Alinick and his friend Summerlynn and their crazy adventures where they encounter puzzles, goblins, dark tunnels and who knows what next in the upcoming books!

When Brian first contacted me, I knew the exact scenes I was being asked to draw, but there was no set style, so it was a lot of fun using my character design skills first up to ensure all the characters looked how Brian envisioned and that they all fit in the same world. Luckily I draw a lot of creatures in my sketchbook and had been recently drawing some goblins, so they are pretty much exactly how I'd drawn them weeks before even speaking to Brian! Alinick and Summerlynn were a littler harder to get right, but I'm really happy and proud of how they turned out.

I got to illustrate the front cover and an illustration to introduce the chapter in each book, it turns out the kids really love the art work and are asking for more, so it's going to be fun to flesh the world out even further! 

Below is the line work for the image, I wanted the whole book to have a really nice traditional look to it, and not full blown digital so I decided to line work every illustration with a brush pen rather than with my Cintiq which I usually use. This was a pretty big piece so it looks a little weird scanned it because it was A3 so I had to do some cut and paste digitally to put it together!

This is the fully finished cover without the text, it was definitely one of the most complex pieces I've worked on. Anyone will know though, that no matter how much stress a project or task brings, once you overcome that and see the finished piece, it's always worth it!

I've also included some illustrations that were included in the book, I don't think you can find these anywhere else online and they are obviously a lot smaller in the book. So I thought I'd share a few with you guys as a little extra!

Thanks for reading! If you'd like to buy the book you can do so here

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