An insight into my life as an illustrator.

I'm a big fan of Youtubers, sometimes I'll watch Let's Plays, sometimes it's just the funny videos and more often than not I'll watch other illustrator's videos wether it's advice or just timelapses of them working. My favorite videos to watch however, are vlogs. I love watching what other successful people do with their day and also to see how far they have come as a professional and an individual.

I think video is a great medium to showcase what you're up to and to give viewers a more personal look into your life or work, one they might not necessarily get from photos or even blog posts for that matter! Making videos is something I've personally wanted to do for a while but as usual my brain takes over and I get worried that I'll do something wrong or it won't work out as planned, even though the only way to get anywhere in life is to learn from mistakes.

So I've decided to start doing my own vlog! Mainly because I wanted to document my own work and be able to look back and see how far I've come as recording my progress is something I don't currently do very well so I think video will be a really effective way to do it. Another reason I want to start vlogging is because I love them, and I know other people do too so I thought it would be nice to share these with people if it's something they'd be interested in watching.

I did a little test shoot the other day but unfortunately my camera is a few years old and just isn't up to it output quality wise, so I'm looking into getting a new one and hoping to be set up in the coming weeks! So if you would like to watch my vlogs, see what I get up to, how I tackle my work and some behind the scenes Monster Trunk stuff, keep an eye out on my social networks as I'll be posting updates on there!

If there's anything you'd like to see from me on the vlogs let me know in the comments below!