I published my first vlog & the main reason I started one.

I finally got time to sit down and finish editing my first vlog and it's now up on my Youtube channel . It took me a little longer than I thought to edit it, I knew it would take a good few hours, but I really wanted it to be edited to the best of my ability. So I thought that today I would write about how I filmed and edited it for anyone who is interested in making their own videos or vlogs on a low budget, with no experience (like me!).


First up is the equipment, one thing I will say straight away about this is that if you ask any Youtuber 'what equipment do you recommend to someone wanting to make vlogs (or videos in general) ?' most of them will wonder why you're asking such an irrelevant question and not just making the videos already, because it honestly doesn't matter. I did a tiny bit of research because I needed a new camera anyway, but when I saw how well the iPhone works as a HD video recorder I decided to just stick with that while I'm still learning.

So the physical equipment I used to actually film myself was simply just my iPhone 5 and a small tripod, specifically made for phones, which I bought from Ebay for about £4. The tripod also has bendy legs which is something I wanted so that I could wrap it around things to film from, this particular tripod is great, it's lightweight, easy to use and keeps your phone nice and steady when filming. All I had to do was set the tripod and phone up so it was aimed at where I would be working and set it to timelapse, which is an awesome feature included on the iPhone and works much better than just speeding up a standard video.

For the clip where I'm actually talking to the camera, I just tried to make sure I got really good lighting, so I placed it in front of my window. The lighting in the shot is nice and bright, but it did mean that I looked really angry throughout some of the clips because I literally couldn't see a thing, it definitely gave me a headache!

I also set my camera up on the windowsill sometimes to get a few time lapses of the clouds because I think they are really cool to look back on!

As for editing software, all I used was iMovie which is free on Macbooks and iMacs, and I'm sure there will be some kind of similar product for Windows PCs and laptops. I found it really easy to use, I didn't look up any tutorials or anything, I pretty much just guessed my way through it like I did with Photoshop and it worked. I think playing around with programs is usually the best way to figure out how to use it, especially with Photoshop where you can end up developing a unique workflow or technique you wouldn't have discovered by using tutorials.

I didn't edit any of the vlog at all until I sat down to do the whole thing together, so I would recommend taking lots of footage even if you don't think you'll need it incase you can't go back and film bits again. For instance with the clip where I'm talking, I probably filmed about 10 minutes of me talking, laughing at myself and dropping plenty of f-bombs because I felt like a complete idiot talking into a little lens. But, because I recorded plenty and edited it after I think it turned out quite well in the end.

As for music, I sometimes stream on Twitch so have been into royalty free music for quite a while, the links for each song are under the video itself but off the top of my head I think the best places to find free music you can use on your videos is the Youtube Audio Library, and by just typing in 'free music for videos' on Youtube (or something similar), one of my personal favourites it's the NoCopyrightSounds channel, you can't beat a bit of dubstep!

Because I was working for quite a few clients on projects that are yet to reach the public eye, I decided to just film bits of those and more personal work than anything else. The clips I filmed were over a two week stretch, so I'm hoping I'll have more to film for the next one. Hopefully doing this will mean that I can look back over my work and see how much and what sort of work I have produced over so many months and be happy with that rather getting so down about what I haven't done.

I'm going to aim to get a new vlog up every 2 weeks, I also will be uploading process videos every 6-8 weeks with a new one coming next week, so if you're into that sort of thing or think you might be interested in seeing what I get up to in my working day then please subscribe to my channel!

Leave any thoughts in the comments below! In a future blog post I'll share some of the Youtubers who's vlogs I watch and take inspiration from.