My Skillshare Class! What do you want?

So, this is a pretty exciting opportunity for me, the other day a member of the Skillshare team got in touch with me and asked me if I'd like to teach a class on Skillshare! For those aren't sure what Skillshare is, you can check out their website here. But here's a brief explanation, it's basically a website where you can study a ton of different creative skills taught by other creatives, all the courses are pretty short (I think they're something like 15-25 mins long), so you can take part in them pretty, quick, at your own time and even break up each session if you want to just do one section at a time. You can learn all sorts of skills from lettering to photography to illustration etc.

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I've took a couple of their courses before and even though they're short, I was really impressed with how intense they were, so I felt like I learnt a lot from each session. I've given quite a few talks in the last couple of years and those experiences along with live streaming have always made me want to do some kind of teaching. Now, this is where you guys come in because obviously I need to come up with a course to teach! I'm going to do my own brainstorms and ideas of what I'd like to teach but it'd be a much better course if I could get an idea of what people would like to learn from me and my work.

I'm an illustrator and character designer who focuses on creatures and characters so naturally I thought about teaching a character design course, but that's still pretty vague. I could teach how to create characters from scratch, how to create various character options to choose from, how to then colour those characters digitally, how to do a character sheet etc. So many options! Although if I enjoy it I do intend to do more of these classes and possibly do something less intensive on my Youtube and Twitch channels, so these could end up all being video courses in the end anyway!

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I'll be trying to come up with some of my own ideas over the next few weeks but I'd love to know what you guys would like to see from a course from me. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment here, email me at or even tweet me @aldersaur. It'd be a massive help if I could get some feedback and direction from the people who might possibly end up watching the course!

Keep your eyes peeled for more information and I also have a new project with a client I work with on a regular basis being released to everyone's beady eyes soon, so excited to share it with you in the next couple of weeks!


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