Swamp Trader

Well I can safely say that the last few weeks have not at all gone to plan for me! I have had what have probably been the worst few weeks of my life from having everything flipped upside down, feeling completely lost, finally getting everything figured out and back to normal and then I get a really nasty virus and I'm now on my 5th day of being stuck in bed! 

But I'm not here to moan, I'm finally starting to feel a little bit better and I did manage to finish up another character design for one of the personal projects I'm working on the day before I got sick, so he's been sat waiting to be featured in his own blog post, and here he is!

My idea for this guy actually stemmed from some sketch studies I did of some fish, I knew that I wanted humans and sea creature mutants to inhabit the world, so I started out by researching and sketching a lot of fish, so this guy basically started out from a fish that I sketched up and which I thought would make a great face for a character!

I knew that I wanted some of the mutants to be against the humans, but I also wanted some of the mutants to live together with the humans and this guy is one of them! He's a market trader, so he forages for his own resources and then crafts things to sell to the humans such as weapons and armour along with material and objects he finds for the disaster that caused the world to end up the way it has in this world.

Here he is all finished! I spent quite a bit of time on this character sheet, quite a bit more than I did on the mechanic and the character with the wing suit, and I'm really happy that I put that extra work in.

He has really tough pads on his hands to help grip his tools and to also help with all of the rough materials he has to deal with. I also drew up a big hammer that I thought he would use both to craft new items but to also collect new resources and to help him through the more rough areas of land.

Because his livelihood is based highly on what he can find to either sell or work with, I made sure that he had extra storage from a big sack on his bag, a pocket on his front and some extra little pockets on his arm. When he makes weapons he will often have to work with metals and have a few blacksmith skills! I want this guy to be super efficient to the point where he has everything he needs to do what he does, no matter where he is. So he has an enchanted piece of shoulder armour which he can pour molten lava from for any metal work, or to use against enemies if needed! The lands are dangerous, so he also needs to protect himself, the spiked arm guard isn't just for show!

I'm really glad that I went with this head, I love to put a hint of humour in my work and I can't help but laugh at his face. If I can make myself laugh by looking at my work then I know that it must be a good thing! 

Unfortunately I couldn't do a Twitch stream last week due to me being stuck in bed, but I will be working on Yeti Winston again on Twitch this week, between Thursday and Saturday, although I'm not quite sure which day yet so be sure to follow me on Twitter or Twitch to keep up to date (if you follow me on twitch, you can chose to receive a notification when I go live).

There have also been quite a few developments with Tether (the video game I'm a 2D artist on right now) so be sure to follow the studio on Twitter if you're into horror games!

Thanks for reading guys, new blog post coming next week! 


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