This inktober feels like it's gone on forever! I think it's probably because I was on holiday for some of it too though, it's not that i haven't enjoyed it, because I think I've done some really challenging pieces this year that have turned out nice, it's just I've been so busy it's been a little stressful trying to make sure that I can squeeze an inking a day in (and I've definitely had to catch up on a few!).

Here's the last of them! The pumpkins at the end were inked by hand and then scanned in so I could add gradients/textures afterwards, kind of opposite to what I did with the others! 

But of course we're going from one drawing challenge to another! DrawDinovember isn't as well known as Inktober, but anyone who knows me knows I love dinosaurs so I really want to take part. I feel like I got a bit lazy with some of my Inktobers so I've been brainstorming some ideas for DrawDinovember and I think I've come up with something pretty unique/interesting so I'll be sharing that in next weeks blog post!

I'll also be sharing my dinosaurs from today on my social channels (links at the bottom of this page!)