Twitch Channel Art - LEIGHonPC

As you might have seen on my blog post a few weeks ago I recently created a custom character design for Twitch streamer LEIGHonPC, but that was only the beginning! The reason I created the character sheet in the way that I did, was that Leigh wanted a full rebrand of his channel with a character or mascot being the main focus of the rebrand. So once I’d designed the character and a few objects for him, it became the perfect inspiration for me to start designing his new channel art.

So here’s the channel art I’ve been working on for him!

I thought it would be best to start with the avatar, I did the avatar first up because I already had a lot of foundation there for that from the character sheet I did so it was really easy to just draw up a new expression. If you’re designing characters for any kind of project, especially personal ones I’d recommend doing a character sheet for this exact reason, plus it’s something you’ll highly likely be expected to do if you ever get hired designing characters for a studio etc.!

I have a lot of fun creating the offline screen for streamers, they’re large enough so that they can pretty much be a full blown custom illustration and Leigh already had a really nice idea for it so I was excited to see what I could do with my style and his concept. Leigh suggested a scene where his character is sleeping by a campfire, which I think works perfectly because it sticks with the type of games that he plays but the fact he’s sleeping is a really nice way to visually represent that he’s currently offline.


I’m definitely still working on my environments and night scenes especially but I’m still happy with how this turned out and really enjoyed creating the fire!


I find Twitch panels quite difficult to do sometimes, I think probably because they need to be so small and simple and I’m used to doing quite large detailed pieces, but it was a nice challenge to create something so small. I also wanted to make them a little bit different somehow, so I used created the panels as PNGs with transparent backgrounds so that each panel doesn’t look like it’s constrained to the usual rectangle shape.

A big thank you to Leigh for asking me to work on this with him! I get to work with awesome Twitch streamers and Youtubers on a regular basis and it’s something I really enjoy so if you would like some new art for your channel feel free to get in touch through my website and we will see what we can do!

Thanks for reading guys!