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Apex Legends Fan Art - What I Think About When Creating Fan Art

I think that one of the main reasons I love doing fan art is because I get to take every little bit that I love or notice about a game and put it into one image, which means the game is shown from my perspective which usually matches up with a few other players out there who can relate to it. When I get really into a game I get so immersed in the visuals and atmosphere of the game and I can’t help but be inspired, so when Apex Legends was released with it’s unique characters and fast paced gameplay, I was immediately coming up with ideas for it. 

I do fan art just for fun but sometimes I get super lucky like I did with this one where the Apex Legends Twitter account with over a million followers retweeted this illustration. I wasn’t at all expecting it but I’m definitely grateful for all the kind words and love for the image I received from the fans!

I’m going to provide some work in progress images of the piece below along with some tips for creating fan art yourselves.


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